This Kitten’s Unexpected Visit Didn’t Ruin A Single Photo – And Created A Truly Magical Moment!

Mitsuaki Iwago is a famous Japanese wildlife photographer and filmmaker. He has photographed elephants and lions on the Serengeti, pandas in China, and polar bears on the ice in Canada. But Iwago also has a collection a little closer to home. He is known for taking some of the most iconic and recognizable domestic cat photos in the world, featured in art galleries, on National Geographic, and elsewhere in the media. He seems to prefer cats that are just doing whatever they normally do in their own territory.

On this occasion, while Iwago was busy doing his thing, a tiny orange kitten unexpectedly took a serious liking to him. The encounter began when the kitten sized him up, and then trotted confidently up to his new buddy. What happens next is too precious for words – you’ll just have to see for yourself!

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