Why Is This 9-Year-Old’s Blog About Petting Hundreds Of Dogs Going Viral?

Some people believe, if you’ve pet one dog, you’ve pet them all.

Gideon is not one of those people.

Over 300 dogs he been pet by his own hand, and he’s kept verifiable proof of each one. Gideon started documenting the dogs he pet on his own blog, Ivepetthatdog.com with a picture of each next to his happy face, along with a description of the dog, and when the petting occurred.

Source: Twitter/IvePetThatDog Gideon poses with dogs he's pet.
Source: Twitter/IvePetThatDog
Gideon poses with dogs he’s pet.

His aspirations have since grown, and he’s alerting thousands to each new furry friend he happens across on Twitter, as well.

According to Vice, Gideon’s mission began in 2016. Then just 7 years old, he wanted to help homeless dogs find new homes.

“One, I LOVEEE dogs,” he told Vice why he started the blog. “Two, I wanted to see how many dogs I could get. And three, I wanted to show the public about all of the dogs. I wanted to show everybody all of the dogs in the world. I don’t think I will ever do that, though.”

Source: Twitter/IvePetThatDog Gideon has pet at least 300 dogs.
Source: Twitter/IvePetThatDog
Gideon has pet at least 300 dogs.

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Gideon said he tries to pet at least one dog a day. By the looks of it, he’s quite successful, though he has been turned down once or twice.

“They felt weird that a kid was asking,” he said. “I have to admit, it’s kind of weird for a kid to just come up and say, ‘Can I get your dog on my website?’ I think one of the women said no to the website cause maybe she thinks we’re giving away where she lives or something like that.”

Gideon is excited about the attention his canine companions are getting, some even finding new homes, but he’s not the only star of the show. When just starting his blog with pictures of happy animals, it was Gideon’s mother who encouraged him to add more detail, and diversify his approach.

“My mom just thought of the Twitter to give more—how do I say this—to get it more people to visit the website,” he told Vice.

While keeping ivepetthatdog.com up and running, Gideon is in the process of starting up a national Chihuahua fan club as well. Right now it’s just a group of friends connecting on Skype, but the young boy’s social media clout could help him attract hundreds more.

Source: Twitter/IvePetThatDog Has Gideon pet your dog? Let us know!
Source: Twitter/IvePetThatDog
Has Gideon pet your dog? Let us know!

As for why he does it all? Gideon says he just loves meeting different dogs.

“If they looked exactly alike I don’t think I would’ve done this website,” he said. “But they look different. Their fur is different colors. Some of them are taller, some are smaller, some don’t like playing with toys, some love playing with toys. It’s all because they’re basically different.”

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