Italian Coast Guard Rescue A Sperm Whale From Fishing Nets

We sometimes see or hear what is happening in the world around us and it makes us want to take action. That is especially true when we see animals being hurt in some way or another. Often, we don’t have the opportunity to help but there are those who do.

One of the issues has recently been seen and cared for by the Italian Coast Guard. There was a sperm whale caught in fishing nets and they worked hard to free him. The whale was spotted struggling in the waters near the Aeolian Island archipelago by boaters on Saturday and the Coast Guard was contacted.

The Coast Guard posted to their official twitter page and showed a video of divers and biologists working to free the whale. They were busy using knives to cut the lines. The entire operation was complicated because the whale was agitated, so they couldn’t continually work on the lines.

Another sperm whale had been freed a few weeks ago after becoming tangled in fishing nets in the same area.

Those fishing lines are illegal, according to the Coast Guard. About 62 miles of illegal fishing nets have been seized so far this year in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea.

An effort is underway to combat illegal fishing, but critics would like to see some effort put forward to assist migrant boats that are stranded in the sea as well.

“We praise you for fighting illegal fishing in your seas and we invite you to use the same standards in defending human lives as you defend the whales’ right to survive,” came from a tweet by Mediterranea Saving Humans USA.

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A boat was photographed after being identified by the crew of the Moonbird reconnaissance plane. It was in the central Mediterranean, according to a Guardian report, with about 60 passengers. It appeared as if the engine had failed and the boat was adrift.

Authorities were notified in Italy and Malta and it appeared as if an Italian Coast Guard patrol boat ignored the migrant ship. According to Fox News, a statement released by Italian authorities said that they receive confirmation that a rescue operation would be carried out by another ship so they didn’t intervene.

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