She Lost Her Family When They Were Speared By Humans, And Was Left To Fend For Herself

Looking at her now, it’s hard to believe that she was once so weak and on the brink of death. When Isampu was just six months old when she was separated from her herd. It’s unknown exactly why her family had disappeared, but they believe it was because due to the cruel practice of elephant spearing.

Without her mother’s milk, the calf was extremely emaciated and could barely stand. Thankfully The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) stepped in to help after a Big Life Foundation ranger spotted the calf wandering the Narraengolo area in Africa, and gave them a call.

DSWT has treated more than 110 elephants speared by humans over the past three years. The team of volunteers worked quickly to rehydrate the calf, before transporting her to an elephant sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya. Although Isampu doesn’t need any medical treatment, the grief of losing her family will take time to overcome. But she has settled in well with the other elephants and is doing great. She will remain there until she is three years old, and then she will graduate to one of their reintegration areas to begin the next step in her journey.

Watch the rescued calf in the video below:

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