Is Your Pet’s Name Unique?

Does your pet have an original name? Well, you can easily find out. has released its list of most popular puppy and kitten names of 2013. Here a few of the top 50 names that made the list:

Female – For females dogs, Bella was the most popular choice. It was followed by other girlish names, like Daisy, Lucy, Molly and Sadie. Sophie made the list at No. 6, and it's also one of the top 10 human names of the year, according to BabyCenter.

Males – The most popular male puppy name is Max. The second choice is the playful Buddy selection. Additionally, Charlie, Rocky, Cooper and Duke each were widely chosen in 2013.

Female – Popular girl kitten names were similar to the top dog names. Bella also was the most popular choice, followed by Lucy. The creative Kitty name was the third most chosen moniker. Next up, cat owners went with Luna, Chloe and Molly.

Males – Oliver was the first pick of many cat owners. Max, Tiger, Charlie and Simba were also in the top five. And in sixth place was the name Milo.

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