If It Walks Like A Dog, And Talks Like A Dog, Then It Must Be A…Cat?

There’s no denying the differences between cats and dogs. Entire feature length films have been dedicated to the subject. But the similarities are much more prevalent, especially in this example.

Sometimes, our furry friends blur the line between feline and canine. Have you ever wondered if your cute cat could ever be a dopey dog instead?

Here’s you chance to see such a sight in action.

This video has several simple (and adorable) signs that can tell you if your feline friend is having an identity crisis.

Does your cat ever display its undying loyalty along with a tendency to retrieve things? Does it suffer from occasional lapses in judgement, but always return to your lap?

Purrhaps it’s channeling its fellow four legged canine friends instead! Watch the video below and share if you agree!

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