Is Fostering a Pet for You?

There are many ways you can help out at your local animal shelter, and fostering a pet is one of them. Just as it sounds, fostering a pet involves taking a dog or cat into your home for an extended stay. According to Pawnation, the goal is to provide extra love and comfort to an animal that may not be ready for adoption or hasn't found a permanent home yet. Consider the following advice to find out if pet fostering is for you:

The first step is to ask yourself if you're ready. Shelters prefer individuals with experience caring for pets. Animal care can be expensive, even for a limited amount of time. While some foster programs cover expenses like a litter box and food, you should also be able to cover them on your own.

In the best scenario, the person taking in a foster pet would have gone through specialized training. The Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) offers a two-hour course.

Lastly, often the most difficult part is preparing to say goodbye. However, before you take the animal back to the shelter, considering adopting only if you are fully prepared to take on a pet.

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