Is doggie yoga the newest fitness trend?

Dog owners want to connect to their pet, to get that special bond. More pet owners are finding creative ways to spend time with their dogs, and yoga class is one of the latest trends. Doga, a form of yoga done with your dog, is designed to relax both canine and human and help them find a deeper connection.

Class instructors take their students through a series of poses in which the owner helps their dog. For example, a human will hold up the dog's front paws while it sits on its hind legs in the doga version of chair pose. The owners may also pet and massage their animal.

"[The dogs are] in the moment and all about union because they're pack animals," Brenda Bryan, a former Seattle yoga and doga instructor and author, told  the Today Show. "And that's what yoga is all about. It's all about being in the moment and developing a sense of oneness. Dogs are natural healers and it's nice to bring them onto our mats and incorporate them into such a healing practice."

While some people might be skeptical, there's no denying that doga has become a popular fitness option. According to The New York Times, doga instructor Kristyn Caliendo has seen her class size double since 2013. 

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