Dog Owners on Reddit Discuss Their Pets’ Irrational Fears

We all love our pets, but there’s no denying they can be a little strange sometimes.

Maybe they’re trying to tell us something. Have you ever seen our dog go berserk at the sight of a blanket hung up to dry, a vacuum being plugged in, or watermelons? Pay attention and you’ll notice none of these items have ever attacked you. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

In a popular Reddit post, SharPerCollie asked “Dog owners of Reddit, what is your dog’s irrational fear?” Over 1,200 have replied since the question was first asked. Some Redditors provided well-researched posts, based on research and personal experience. Others posted puns. Here are eight of our favorites, landing somewhere in-between.

8. Grass

If there’s one thing dogs love, it’s grass. If there’s one thing Redditor sillybammy’s dog hates, it’s grass.

“Grass. He hates the grass.” sillybammy posted. “He’s reluctant, and then once he’s on it’s fine, but he never likes to start.”

Perhaps it’s a texture issue, but as Redditor skullpanda3433 pointed out, the trick is to weigh great satisfaction and enjoyment against the anxiety f taking that first step.

“I used to have that kind of relationship with Doritos,” skullpanda3433 reminisced. “I would hate the smell, look, and taste of them. But if god forbid, I ever ate one, I’d never stop.”

7. Whoopie Cushions

“Just posting for a friend,” Redditor yakebaj mentioned seeing a dog with a fear of fake farts.

“Not my dog, but I have a friend whose Golden Retriever is terrified of whoopee cushions. He’s so frightened that an actual fart can scare him if it’s loud enough.

6. Own Farts

“My dog if he farts, he’ll chase his butt… if anyone else farts he tries to find out where it comes from, which sometimes includes him burying his face in people’s crotches. He provides quality entertainment,” posted redditor EmUhleeGypsi.

Being one of the more popular topics, other Redditors were quick to chime in with their farting pet stories. As it appears in this online forum, unexpected flatulence startles thousands of dogs every year. Is your dog next? Read the facts. Don’t become a statistic.

5. Starvation

Redditor Danrennt98’s dog has trouble remembering when he last had a good meal.

“That he will never eat again, and he has never eaten before. Right after I just fed him,” he posted.

Close your eyes to really savor that PB….mmhmm #tongueouttuesday #peanutbutterseries #ifitwags

A photo posted by Dani (@healthyasahorsevet) on

Selective memory may not be common in every dog, but it is in the clever ones.

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