Blind Stray And His Seeing Eye Cats Are Seeking A Forever Home Together

Many kittens and cats pass through Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue in Iowa, but two black-and-white felines stood apart from the rest of rescued population.

As shelter workers got to know the bonded pair, they realized the younger boy cat was actually blind, inspiring shelter workers to name him Keller. The older one-year-old female– who acted as Keller’s “seeing eye” cat–naturally became known as Anne Sullivan.

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“It was a unique situation in the respect that we impounded the blind cat first, and the blind cat had no eyeballs and was not neutered,” the shelter’s director, Cindy Rarrat, told KCAU. “And so we got him in, and he was very lost, very confused. Within a day or so, we ended up getting the female in which we assume is his mother.”

But as shelter workers examined the seeing eye cat, they came to a disturbing realization. Anne was an attentive guide who helped her blind son navigate his new surroundings, but a veterinary exam revealed she also had serious health issues.

Screenshot: YouTube/KCAU-TV Sioux City

“We found out that there was something wrong with her mouth, so after she was spayed, we took her back in, and she had to have all of her teeth removed, and she had a large tumor in her sinus cavity,” the shelter director said. The tumor was quickly removed, but there’s a chance it could be cancerous.

In light of this news, shelter workers realized they needed another cat to help guide Keller around–just in case Anne’s health took a turn for the worse. But there was one major hiccup. Anne was so protective of Keller that she wouldn’t let other cats get near him.

Thankfully, Anne didn’t seem to bear grudges against other kittens, allowing shelter workers to introduce the Keller and Anne to a playful 9-week-old kitten named Trixie. Shelter workers weren’t sure how Anne would react, but little Trixie was quickly accepted into the family.

Screenshot: YouTube/KCAU-TV Sioux City

“He’s got a ton of personality and he just was just a different and a unique personality,” the shelter director said of the kitten, who quickly learned to mimic Anne’s actions and now acts as Keller’s playmate and guide cat. “So we put him in with them and they love each other. I’ve been here 37 years and I’ve never come across a situation like this.”

Screenshot: YouTube/KCAU-TV Sioux City

Now the shelter is trying to adopt all three cats, which may not be easy. Even so, shelter workers hope they can find a generous family willing to give Keller, Anne, and Trixie a loving home together.

“We have to find somebody that will accept three cats,” said Rarrat. “So we’ve been looking for that special home, that special someone that would give these guys a chance.”

Please contact Sioux City Adoption and Rescue Center if that could be you!

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