If You’ve Never Interviewed A Cat, This Brilliant 10-Year-Old From Ireland Can Show You How

When you talk to a cat, nothing is off the record. That’s the lesson a young girl from Ireland took away from the interview she conducted with her furry friend Coco.

It was a frank exchange, and Coco offered no shortage of candor. Gabi Duane was prepared with some biting questions, but Coco wasn’t afraid to bite right back.

While the interview itself was conducted in secret, the transcript was luckily produced by the interviewer herself. Her father later posted it to Twitter, where it has so far been shared over 60,000 times.

“My kid did an interview with her cat,” Paul Duane wrote.

The response to Gabi and Coco’s interview on Twitter have been supportive to say the least.

Twitter was clamoring for more from the young journalist, and Duane was just as eager to share the news with his daughter.

“Can’t wait for the kid to get out of Scouts so I can tell her she’s gone a bit viral,” he wrote.

Gabi’s response explains it all. The girl knows where she’s headed in life, and she’s got a head start.

“I told her & she said ‘maybe I’ll be more famous than Jane Austen!'” Duane wrote.

Source: Twitter/@MrPaulDuane Coco and the interview transcript.
Source: Twitter/@MrPaulDuane
Coco and the interview transcript.

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