QUIZ: See How Much You REALLY Know About Kill vs. No Kill

Here at the Animal Rescue Site, we take animals seriously. And we take rescue seriously. We have dozens of programs in place to ensure that as many rescue animals as possible receive the care necessary for them to be adopted into a loving home. You help make this possible — by visiting this blog, by shopping around the Animal Rescue Site store, by remembering to click every day on our Click to Give.

But not everyone on this planet thinks, or acts, in the same way as we do. Some people continue to believe in and support shelters that kill animals just days after they’ve been received.

We believe the issue may lie in information, or the lack thereof. We believe that people may just not know what’s at stake. We believe that one way to further that education is through the quiz we’ve created below.

So go on, take the quiz, see how you do, and then share this post with everyone you know — doing something as simple as that could help save the lives of animals across the country.

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