You Talkin’ To Meow? How Well Can You Converse In Cat?

Cats offer us more than just companionship. It’s well known that our furry friends help us reduce stress, but some studies assert the extra comfort may even extend our lives.

We can thank them by lavishing their food bowls with the finest fish filets and tender kibble, but understanding the language of cats is an even more important step in improving human-feline relations.

Every cat has its own meow, and being a rather solemn species, an individual cat may communicate volumes by subtly altering the tonal pattern of its speech, if it speaks at all. There’s a lot of meaning behind that “meow.” A cat may use it as a polite greeting, a request for food, an objection to meddling hands, or a call to attention.

How well do you understand the way cats communicate? Can you grasp more than just their purr-functory greetings?

Start the quiz below and find out how feline-friendly you really are!


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