QUIZ: Pick Your Favorite Puppy and We’ll Tell You How Passionate You Are

The word “passionate” sometimes gets an unfair shake, and that’s because it’s a pretty malleable word, meaning: it’s an adjective that can be molded to fit nouns or verbs undeserving of its meaning. And, over time, the misconceptions gain steam, which is why “passionate” is so intertwined with romantic relationships, or that it’s overused, or misused, when justifying someone’s anger (i.e. “He swears all the time because of how passionate he is.”).

When putting together this fun quiz for you, that isn’t the “passionate” we had in mind.

For us, “passionate” is more closely aligned with the question, “What is it that drives you?” and, therefore, indicative of something — or a large number of things (people, pets, jobs, hobbies, etc.) you cannot live without. And what better way to find out just how passionate you are than by clicking on your favorite puppies!?

Good luck, enjoy, and be sure to share your results with all of your passionate friends!

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