Are You A Wet Whig Or A Prominent Pupilist – Test Your Knowledge of Presidential Pets

During war and peacetime, economic prosperity and depression, numerous dogs have been kenneled at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and before that the President’s House, in Philadelphia. Different breeds of all ages have passed through those illustrious halls, and likely made their own marks in each one.

Americans observe Presidents’ Day on the third Monday in February, but after over 240 years and 44 different First Families, we still haven’t found a day to celebrate our presidential pets.

Nearly every president has kept animals in the White House, many of them dogs. According to the Presidential Pet Museum, George Washington had over four dozen in his day, clearing the way for plenty of other furry first companions from then on.

The Commanders in Chief have kept more than just canines at the White House, of course. Many owned horses, John Quincy Adams held an alligator that was given to him by the Marquis de Lafayette, Andrew Johnson had a collection of white mice, and Martin Van Buren briefly kept two tiger cubs at the White House before they were transferred to a zoo, thanks to the consideration of Congress.

How well do you know your presidential pets? Take our quiz below and find out!


Ready for a more modern challenge? Follow this link and test your knowledge of presidential pets from the 20th Century!

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