PUP QUIZ: 10 Questions About Pit Bulls

Here’s a little something about pit bulls that may surprise millions of people on this planet: they aren’t great guard dogs. Considering the reputation pit bulls have, this seems odd, so let me explain:

There are actually two reasons why pit bulls miss the mark as guard dogs, the first being that they really aren’t that talkative. No, really, they aren’t known to bark too often, at least at human beings. Now, take that with a grain of salt — I’m sure that there are plenty of wonderful pitties that have a thing or two to say. We’re just talking generally here.

The second reason why pit bulls miss the mark as guard dogs directly correlates to the first: pit bulls LOVE human beings. They don’t want to bark, or bite — they want to cuddle!

Sadly, so many folks out there seem to misunderstand that fact, and many other facts, about pitties. That’s why we put together the super fun quiz you’ll find below!

Put your knowledge to the test and then be sure to spread the word by sharing the quiz with all of your friends!

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