QUIZ: Which Kitty Will You Be This Weekend?

Not all weeks are created equal, nor are the weekends that follow. Some may take a turn for the adventurous. Others may go exactly as planned, from 5:01pm on Friday to 11:59pm on Sunday. And, well, some just may end up being unremarkable — “nothing to write home about,” some might say.

But the fun, four-question quiz we’ve created is all about you and the weekend you may have up ahead.

How it works is simple: click below to begin and choose your answer to each question. Once you answer them all, you’ll be greeted with a suggestion as to which pup you should be this weekend. What exactly does that mean? What are the categories? You’ll just have to find out!

Good luck, enjoy, and be sure to share your results with all of your friends on Facebook!

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