Most People Can’t Name All of These Cartoon Canines

You don’t need to be a dog person to know who Marmaduke is. And chances are, if you were paying attention in grade school, you picked up on Old Yeller, White Fang and a few other commonly known canines as well.

The playful, courageous, and unforgettable dogs of books, television, and feature films are larger than life. And they’ve been “living” in our homes for the entirety of this century, and most of the last. From the the steadfast hounds of mystery novels, to the dainty dogs of high-society satire and the hardscrabble pups of animated cartoons, there are some we just cannot forget.

Ever since Walt Disney first told his artists to start drawing up dogs in the late 1930s, audiences have enjoyed seeing them on both the big screen and small. Today’s box office is no different, although there are a few more ways for people to watch.

Do you think you’re clever enough to name a few stars of animated animal history? Take our quiz below and see how well you know your cartoon canines!


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