Most People Can’t Name All Of These Fictional Felines

Domesticated or not, some cats are larger than life. In books, on television, and in feature films, they’ve been “living” in our homes for the entirety of this century, and most of the last.

Cari-cat-ures in media have provided modern culture with some of the most indelible names in feline-kind. From audacious animated alley cats to Hollywood’s most humble house pets, cats and kittens have left a large mark on our cultural landscape. And as soon as the first feline gets its paws on the Walk of Fame, we’ll have literal purr-oof!

Arguably one of the first uses of video recording technology was put to proper use when Thomas Edison and his team of Menlo Park cat wranglers set about filming a feline “boxing match.” The video has since been preserved for both posterity and LOLs on YouTube. And if recent trends in movie and Netflix series megastar Kevin Spacey’s career are to be extrapolated, we haven’t much time before cats put a serious collar on the film industry.

Think you known your famous pop culture cats? Unless you’ve been hunkering in a cardboard box for the last few decades, you can probably name quite a few of these feline faces. Take our quiz below and put your cat cognition to the test!


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