Answer These Questions About Your Pet and We’ll Tell You Your Dream Job

So many times have I heard (and frozen up at) the daunting question: What is it that you want to do? At its core, this question should be a basic assessment and affirmation of what path we’re either already on, or the path that we’d like to be on. Simple, right? Or, at least something that isn’t asking for an hours’ worth of introspection.

Yet, we as humans can’t help but add layer after layer to a simple answer — instead of saying exactly what we want, we let reality in, and reality takes its toll. We think of bills. We think of time. We think of what makes the most sense. We think of feasibility, and responsibility. We assess and assess and assess until there’s nothing left to assess, and we find ourselves in the same place we were as we started.

For a few moments, let’s forget all of that.

Don’t think about bills! Don’t think about time! Don’t think about what makes the most sense! Instead, take the fun quiz below and find out what dream job you deserve by answering questions about the so and so that knows you best: your pet!

Enjoy, and be sure to share this quiz with all of your friends!

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