PART II: Name These Doggy Movies!

A great movie sticks with you for years, and there’s very little mystery as to why — a great movie elicits a powerful emotional response. And, let’s be honest with ourselves: movies starring animals are the worst.

The best kind of worst.

When an animal is mistreated on screen, we clench our fists; when an animal (who speaks exactly like my grandparents, mind you) makes a joke, we slap our knees; when an animal makes its inevitable impact on a human character’s life, well, we cry our eyes out.

But tears – tears are not what Part II of this two-part quiz series is about.

No, Part II takes a more cerebral approach to the world of doggy movies (even more than Part I does)! It tests just how closely you pay attention to the finest of details, specifically those spoken by characters in movies that define the genre.

The series as a whole is here, yes, for entertainment, but it’s also here for education. If absolutely nothing else, you’re sure to get some great movie recommendations out of it!

Good luck with this quiz, enjoy, and, if you haven’t already, be sure to try your hand at Part I when you’re finished!

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