Where In The World Are These Dogs Most Popular?

It seems that no matter where you may find yourself on this blue marble we call Earth, you’re never that far from man’s best friend.

All around the world, dogs of most every persuasion and personality are kept as companions and service animals. They’ve been since humans first domesticated wild dogs over 15,000 years ago, although the breeds we know today are at most around 500 years old.

In some countries, the most popular breeds are kept for their heartiness in the elements, and others for their prestige and image. In most every country, dogs are also kept for their playfulness and love, traits that we may know best.

Do you know which breeds are popular where? What dog will you most likely find in Eastern Europe? How about Eastern Asia? Do you know what the most popular dogs in the world are?

Test your knowledge of planetary pups with our challenging quiz below. And don’t forget to share the results with your friends!


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