QUIZ: Can You Tell A Tail From A Tale? These Common Canine Myths Need Busting

“Whether you think you can teach an old dog new tricks or you can’t, either way you are right,” a famous automobile maker may have once said. Or something like that.

Whether or not you believe in some of the tall tales we tell ourselves when it comes to our canine companions, we certainly love them all the same. Many beliefs fall far short when it comes to fact, however, and some are even downright unhealthy.

Do you think you really know how old your dog is? How about the signs that show it’s feeling ill? Some of the most common misconceptions can trick you into an easy answer, but is it correct?

Here’s your chance to prove how well you know your doggos and perhaps learn that some of our commonly used idioms are a little less factual and a little more fictional.

Be sure and share with your friends to see how they compare! And when you’re finished, test your knowledge of cats myths by clicking this link.

Good luck, and may the paws be ever in your favor.


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