QUIZ: Can You Guess The Real Meaning Of These Common Dog Behaviors?

Dogs make the best friends, but sometimes they leave us wondering what they’re really getting at.

Have you ever been confused by dog behavior? Led astray by an errant lick? Wondering why your canine companion is yawning a lot? You’re not alone. Dogs have their own language and understand each other very well, but sometimes it’s their humans who lose a bit in translation.

Dogs use their bodies to communicate. From tail to tip, their behavior can show what they’re thinking and feeling in many different ways, using nearly every muscle in their bodies. There’s a big difference between a dog that’s angling to play and one that would like you to back off.

Perhaps you’ve come across a confiding canine who’s greeted you with a playful bow, or maybe you’ve noticed how dogs tend to greet each other when they’re feeling frisky. It hardly makes you fluent in Fido, but it is a good start.

Here is your chance to show off how much you understand about our furry friends. Follow the prompts in this interactive story and see how far you can get! Then share your results with your friends and see how they compare.

Good luck!


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