QUIZ: Match These Rare Vocab Words of the Cat World

Words can be weird. Words can be funny. They can come easily, or, well, they can be difficult. And words can be kind, and they can be mean, or they can be scary, or even gross. They can be depressing or surprising, evil or light, boring or exciting.

Above all of the things words can be, there are two words they always are: portable, and meaningful.

That said, over time, our usage of words changes — we add a few here, we drop a few there, and even modify some more. Language is in constant flux, and it, in turn, affects which words we use to refer to certain things.

How we refer to cats is no different, in that words we once used to describe cats, their actions, or their intentions, have undergone drastic change. To celebrate that change, and to have some fun while doing so, we’ve put together a quiz for you about rare words of the cat world, which you’ll find below.

Good luck, enjoy, and be sure to challenge your friends to beat your score!

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