QUIZ: Are These Statements About Cats True or False?

A lot has been said about cats over the years, and, well, the truth is that not all of those words have been true. Which just isn’t cool to do to such delightful friends of ours, am I right? That’s why it’s up to folks like you and me to set the record straight, and to have fun while doing so!

To test, educate, and celebrate, we’ve created a ten-question quiz, which you’ll find below. So how much do you know about cats? Does that knowledge center around one specific breed, or one specific trait? Or does that knowledge extend to several? We’ll just have to find out!

Taking the quiz is simple: just click below to begin. Answer each of the ten true and false questions to the best of your ability, and then, when you’re done, be sure to share your results with all of your friends on Facebook!

Good luck, and enjoy!

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