QUIZ: Cat Got Your Tongue? How Well Can You Purr-nounce These Names?

So you know the difference between a Siamese and a Scottish Fold, but there are dozens of other feline breeds that provide a lot more challenge to the traditional tongue.

Cats have been our companions for thousands of years, and their names reflect the origins of our relationships with them. Often the more ancient the breed, the more esoteric the name.

Cats from Belgium, France, and Germany pose a peculiar problem for those familiar with more common feline classifications. And pronunciations can vary between dialects, adding even further confusion. But not to fear. This challenge is multiple choice!

It doesn’t take a degree in linguistics to enjoy a purring pussycat, but there’s something to be said for understanding our feline friends. They’ve got a lot to offer us, and it’s only fair we extend the same respects. Will you be prepared the next time you come across a meowing Manx, or snuggle with a Sphynx?

See how well you can purr-nounce these cat breed names with our challenging quiz below.


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