QUIZ: See Which Cat You’re Most Like

Our planet, and most of the internet, is covered with cats. There are breeds of all size, shape, color and quirkiness, and we love them all.

Have you ever wondered what you would be like as a cat?

Would you be a sleek and slender Siamese? A rambunctious Bengal? A satisfied Scottish Fold?

Feline personalities aren’t so different from humans. Perhaps it’s the similarities that have endeared them to us, or the fact that we’ve established symbiotic relationships.

From the cats that kept grain stores free of mice in ancient times, to their modern day equivalents, keeping our homes free of pesky laser dots, there’s no denying the cat is where it’s at.

They make wonderful companions in more ways than one. Some studies show that keeping a cat could actually extend your lifespan, while others contend our furry friends lower our stress levels every day.

Are you a faithful friend of felines? How does it show in your purr-sonality?

Put your cattitude to the test with our fun kitty quiz below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends, and after you’ve finished, follow this link to test your knowledge of feline fur markings.


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