QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Feline Fur?

From tabby, to tri-color, to the dark and mysterious tortoise shell, our favorite felines amaze us with their unique and beautiful markings.

They are as unique as each cat’s particular personality. Some are subdued and soft, with smoky nuance. Others are bright and vibrant, with colors in contrast.

There’s more to cats than their magnificent markings, of course, but few facets of the feline are as beautiful.

There are six identifiable color patterns found on all breeds of cats: tabby, solid, bicolor, tricolor tortoiseshell, and colorpoint. Within each of those cat coat categories are a rainbow of whites, blacks, reds, grays, and lavender hues.

Certain breeds are known for specific color patterns, but there are countless variations within each breed.

Do you think you can figure out felines by their fur alone? Try our challenging quiz and find out!

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