QUIZ: Can You Categorize These Canine Coats Correctly?

“It’s a doggie dog world,” as an S. Dogg once said. And in that world are many patterns of doggie dog coats.

From blue to Blenheim, and from harlequin to liver and tan, dogs are diverse even within each specific breed. Their colors and pattern are largely dependent on genetics, not unlike every other living creature in the world. And as humans have domesticated dogs, these markings have lent character to the color and further endeared them to us.

For the unfamiliar, black, brown, white, gold, and red are easily distinguished, but dog colorings come in some stranger flavors, as well. Blue typically refers to a gray coloring, while liver refers to a reddish tan.

Do you think you know more about canine coats than the average dog doter? Get started on our interactive quiz below and find out!

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