QUIZ: What Would Your Paw-sonality Type Be If You Were A Dog?

Maybe you’ve always wondered it, or maybe it’s never crossed your mind.

Do you share more with dogs than you do with your fellow humans?

Over thousands of years, there’s been something about cute canines that have allowed the animals to establish an emotional connection with humans. Once domesticated, the evolutionary trajectory of dogs was forevermore bonded to that of humans. We care for them, and they depend on us for shelter, food and companionship.

Of course, humans get quite a lot out of the bargain as well. Every dog is unique, and their puppy personalities provide us with friendship to spare.

Aside from loyalty, playfulness, protection, and the other trademarks of a canine companion, it’s their individual quirks that most endear them to us.

Have you ever seen a bit of yourself in a dog? Take our quiz and find out!


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