QUIZ: Match the Facts of This Lovable Breed

Maybe you’ve never interacted with this lovable breed before. Maybe you’ve never even seen this breed of dog before — not in the dog park, not in a yard, not attached to the hip of its owner as together they walk down the sidewalk.

And hey, if that’s true, it’s okay. No Bernese mountain dog out there is going to be mad at you, I swear.

Whether or not you’re familiar with Bernese mountain dogs, we here at the Animal Rescue Site think(s) they’re pretty darn awesome, and, like ALL animals out there, are worthy of a fun quiz if it means folks are able to learn something new about them.

Completing the quiz is simple: just click “Start” below, then answer the nine true/false questions to the best of your ability. Once you’re finished, go ahead and proudly share your results with all of your friends!

Good luck, and enjoy!

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