QUIZ: What Do These Dog Barks Mean?

Dogs are some of the most expressive animals on the planet, which is probably why they make such great companions.

They smile when happy, show anxiety when frightened, sorrow when mourning, and wear satisfied grins when deep in sleep, just like humans do. They may not speak the same language, but they speak nonetheless. Some speak a little too much, perhaps signaling the need for a little extra play time before bed. Others are very selective with their speech, only alerting their families to the gravest dangers.

Across the many breeds of dogs, their language remains relatively the same. You may hear tonal differences in speech, say between a Bloodhound and a Boston Terrier, but the patterns remain very similar.

With most dogs, a lower pitched bark or growl relates to dominance, while a higher pitched yelp indicates anxiety, discomfort, or pain. Depending on the pitch, duration, and pattern of a dog’s bark, they may be trying to tell you something important, asking you to play, or just saying hello.

How well do you think you understand a dog’s tongue, in the metaphorical sense? Test your knowledge of canine communication with our fun interactive quiz below!


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