10 Adorable Instagram Accounts You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

6. mommasgonecity

Jessica Shyba and mommasgonecity have been around for a while. It’s hard to beat the cuteness of kids and puppies, and this account has an archive of adorableness stretching out over 3,340 posts.

According to Shyba’s website: “Jessica Shyba has been blogging since 2009. The original intent was to simply stay in touch with friends as the family embarked in a cross-country move from California to New York City, a move prompted by her husband attending dental school at NYU. The family has since returned to California and grown to include 4 children; Jack, Zoe, Beau, and very recently, Evangeline — as well as a cat named Charlie and a puppy named Theo. The budding friendship between the baby Beau & puppy Theo catapulted Jessica’s blog & Instagram into international fame when she started documenting their daily side-by-side naps.”

For a look at some serious puppy love, search #TheoandBeau and watch Shyba’s young boy and puppy grow up before your eyes–if you manage to get through all 7,863 posts, that is.

Everyday Extrordinary. #theoandevvie #rescue

A photo posted by Jessica Shyba (@mommasgonecity) on

5. majortheyorkie

Major, aka Sir Barks A Lot, was featured in CountryLiving’s 10 Top Dogs of Instagram. He was adopted at a year old and loves peanut butter, according to his profile.

Finally some sunglass worthy days here in Michigan!

A photo posted by Major (@majortheyorkie) on

Like any dog, Major loves the outdoors, and being from the Mitten State, he can enjoy all four seasons. Not to worry though. Major’s paws are kept nice and warm. He barks the orders if they aren’t!

4. chloetheminifrenchie

What’s more glamorous than a stout mini French Bulldog named “Chloe?” That’s a short list, indeed. Chloe’s interests include travel, fashion, and charity, like any well meaning Bulldog about the Big Apple.

According to her website: “Chloe was born on Cinco de Mayo 2013, and lives in NYC. She’s very petite, about half the size of an average French bulldog. Chloe also loves to travel, and has visited 5 countries. Her favorite spot so far is Milan, but she cant wait to explore even more of the world and meet more of her friends!”

moët, @eatbanza + #emmys #eeeeeats

A photo posted by Chloe The Mini Frenchie (@chloetheminifrenchie) on

3. lillyandthehairless

Lilly, Silas, and Gustav make up the trio of lillyandthehairless on Instagram. Their website is full of inspirational quotes, and some not so inspirational quotes for visitors to enjoy.

#sphynx #chinesecrested #pekingese #gussy #silas #lilly

A photo posted by Lilly Silas Gustav (@lillyandthehairless) on

2. deanthebasset

Two-year-old Dean the Basset has been turning heads on Instagram and in his hometown of Toronto for two years now. Even with the kindness of Canadians aside, this dog leads a pretty sweet life!

weekend plans.

A photo posted by Dean (@deanthebasset) on

1. burrito_the_corgi

Burritos and Corgis are two of the world’s most popular things, so it stands to reason they would do well to have their powers combined. Look no further than burrito_the_corgi, a southern dog with a lot of spunk. More often than not, he’s all tuckered out, but there are plenty of action pics in Burrito’s archive as well.

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