Puggy Turned His Disability Into An Inspirational Message For All.

Millions of animals occupy overflowing shelters all across the country. Countless efforts are made to find homes for every single one, but sadly that doesn’t happen. Shelters struggle to adopt out a great many deserving occupants for reasons including breed,  color, and, most difficult all, disability. Cats and dogs with special needs are notoriously tough to pair with a family, due to the large investment in time, as well as a perception that special needs animals live a less fulfilling and adventurous life. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Take Puggy for example. Abandoned in the country side, this unique pup managed to infect everyone that came across him with his loving personality and unbelievably high spirits. Despite his disposition, Puggy was considered “disabled.”


Puggy was a happy, wonderful dog who just happened to have the worlds longest tongue (as far as dogs go). He became famous because of his unusual tongue, appearing on TV, in print, and staring in his own YouTube channel.

Many people showed concern over his condition, but other than being extremely long, his tongue was fully functional, it was just strange. It never interferred with his ability to eat, drink, play, or give adorable kisses (if you earned them), so his family opted to not put him through the trauma of an operation.

Sadly, Puggy passed away in March, after living an amazing 15 years. He continues to be the perfect example of why “disabled” or “deformed” means absolutely nothing when adding a new family member. No matter what may be different about those dogs languishing in shelters, their hearts are gigantic, and they want to love and be loved as much as any pup. Next time you are looking to adopt, take a moment to greet the less fortunate animals and see just how perfect they really are.

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