Insight into cat sneezing

Have you ever heard of the phrase "feline sternutation"? This fancy word simply refers to cat sneezing. Chances are your furry friend has had a couple of sneezes in its day, but you may be wondering if there is an underlying medical condition that should worry you. Here is some insight into cat sneezing and what might be causing it in your feline:

Everyday irritants that come into contact with your cat's nose can cause of sneezing. So if you notice your furry friend is sneezing more often, check its favorite hang out areas for likely sources. According to Catster, tons of items make up the list of irritants including dust mites, mold, perfumes, cigarettes, pollen and flea medications. Additionally, overly dusty cat litter can also be at fault.

Viral causes
Take a look at your cat's eyes and nose to see if there is any discharge. If there is some present, this is a good indication there may be a viral cause for the sneezing and medical attention is recommended.

This may surprise you –  your cat's breed can make it more prone to sneezing. According to the source, felines with flat faces have shorter nasal cavities, which are more sensitive to irritants. So if you have an American shorthair, Bombay, Himalayan, Scottish fold or Persian, your feline may be sneezing more than its long-nose counterparts.

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