Stuck Indoors? Here Are Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained, Exercised And Excited!

Whether it’s the weather, or some other reason you are stuck indoors with your pooch, there are still many fun things you can do together to keep each other entertained.

You don’t need a huge space or a backyard to play a game of fetch! Check this adorable duo out. Now, this is one happy Pomeranian! Max and his dad know how to take advantage of some quality time inside.

Just look at that face! He’s totally into it!

Bella is another fetch-lovin’ pooch! OMG, her little happy monster noises are just too cute to resist. Make sure your volume is way up for this one!

Here are some other fun games to play with your pooch indoors!

1. Hide and Go Seek

You can easily teach your smart pup how to use the command “find it,” by using a favorite toy, hiding it, then rewarding your dog with a treat and the toy! Also, encouragement like “good boy/girl” always gets their tail wagging! Once that’s established, try making it a game with other objects. It’s a lot of fun and will totally tire your dog out.

2. Stairway Fetch

Instead of playing traditional fetch, try doing it up and down the stairs with a ball. Just adding in the extra steps is a great workout for your dog. Plus, the ball bounces all over the place, which usually excites your dog even more!

3. The Clean Up Game

Now, this is my favorite game of all! Get a large, easily accessible basket that can house your pup’s toys. Teach him or her to put away all the toys once you’re done with playtime. I like to sing a “clean up” song to my dogs and they kinda like it too! 😉 I reward them with small treats and a good petting after everything is cleaned up.

The goal is to make your pet happy and keep them healthy. Just look at that smile!


If you love the flare for the dramatic (like I do!), then this is the video for YOU! Kiwi isn’t just playing fetch. He’s mastering it by attempting to catch the ball in his mouth. The dramatic finish is EPIC!

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