Independent and Strong Ladies Find Animal Companionship in Cats

While the term "cat lady" may summon images of a lonely women with tons of cats prowling around a dilapidated home, a new movement is proving the stereotype wrong. The new cat lady is a strong and independent woman who focuses on herself and her career. She has life goals, a stable bank account and a fabulous apartment, all of which she earned on her own. But why choose a cat as a companion? Why not a dog or hamster?

If dogs are like children, then cats are your roommates. They, like their hip owners, can find happiness in solitude. These busy career-driven ladies don't have to wait on their pets and can find comfort and support instead. 

"Cats are the ideal pets for women in the business world," Caroline McCarthy, 29, the vice president of communications at true[X] Media, told The New York Times. "Especially in New York. There's a kind of a suspended adolescence, with people staying single and still living with roommates into their 30s. I think pet ownership is something that seems a bigger step here than it does anywhere else in the country."

Of course, the new cat lady image isn't reserved for women living in the Big Apple. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or world-famous fashion designer, a cat can be your perfect pet. 

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