How To Order From In-N-Out’s Secret Menu For Dogs

Secret menus have been all the rage, but did know some places offer secret menus for pets?

Just like you can order a special, off-menu item from some of your favorite chains, you can also order your pet a tasty treat in the same way.

Dailypaws shared about one popular burger joint that offers a secret menu for dogs: In-N-Out.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The restaurant chain, popular in the Southwest, US, is known for its cheap, simple menu with quality food and ingredients. While the menu is short and simple, In-N-Out fans often order from its secret menu that includes “animal style” burgers and fries, but that secret menu extends to dogs as well.

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As Dailypaws shared on TikTok, you can pull up to an In-N-Out and order a “Pup Patty” with your meal. The Pup Patty is a plain, broiled burger patty cooked without salt, garlic, or onions. It’s completely safe, and even healthy, for dogs!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One of the coolest parts about the Pup Patty is that at most In-N-Outs, it’s free! I’ve personally ordered the Pup Patty at several different In-N-Out locations and have never been charged, but some locations may have a small fee.

Either way, it’s definitely worth ordering if you’re going through the drive-thru with your furry friend alongside you!


They’ll be so happy you did, and you can enjoy the fact that they’re getting a healthy and enjoyable treat.

We can only hope Dailypaws reveals more secret menus that cater to pets from other restaurants and chains! Check out their video below:

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