Anxious Dog Finds Comfort While Owners Are Away From Unlikely Friend.

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We’ve all heard about emotional support animals for people. But how about for man’s best friend?

That’s certainly what we’d call one very supportive cat who’s always there to comfort his four-legged bestie. Four years ago, Brenna Eckert rescued a dog named Joule, who came with her fair share of baggage. “Joule had a lot of anxiety when we first adopted her,” Brenna said. “When we are home she always needs to be close to us.”

Photo: Instagram/ginger_cat_and_vizslas

When they aren’t home, the high-strung dog has a hard time… or she did, that is, before she met a sweet ginger cat named Kelvin. After Joule joined the family, Brenna adopted the orange tabby, who took an instant liking to his new sibling.

Photo: Instagram/ginger_cat_and_vizslas

But even more amazing than the pair’s bond is what Brenna caught them doing when she was at work. Brenna recently set up cameras around the house so she could keep an eye on her anxious pup while she’s away. When she played back the footage, she noticed the most adorable pattern ever.

Photo: Instagram/ginger_cat_and_vizslas

Every single time Brenna steps out of the house, Kelvin promptly snuggles up to Joule and soothes her — for the entire day! The pet parent was so stunned she shared one clip on Reddit, writing, “This happens literally every weekday for the full 8 hours we’re gone.”

Photo: Instagram/ginger_cat_and_vizslas

“They only snuggle with each other like this when we are not around,” Brenna added. “If we are home, Joule wants to be with us, so she basically ignores the cat.”

Photo: Instagram/ginger_cat_and_vizslas

And these daytime cuddle sessions aren’t just helping Joule. Kelvin gets lonely when Brenna’s gone, too, so he takes comfort in hanging out and snoozing alongside his best friend.

Photo: Instagram/ginger_cat_and_vizslas

Can you think of a more iconic duo? We sure can’t. Here’s to many more years of naps and love shared between furry friends. Check out a cute montage of the snuggle buddies spending time together in the video below, and share with all the animal lovers in your life.


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