“I’m Her Human, and She’s My Dog”

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Today’s Dog of the Day story is a classic case of “Who saved whom?” The answer: they saved each other. Read the moving story of Fiona and Alexandra.

This is my baby girl, Fiona. She was found in a seizure of 17 dogs living in squalor. They were left in a rundown trailer and completely feral when they were found. One of the dogs had to be put down, and Fiona was next in line. They realized that she was shutting down because there was something wrong with her eye. She was only about a year old and had a tumor on her optic nerve and had to have her eye removed. If she hadn’t been rescued, her eye would have ruptured and she would have passed away.

I was going to live alone for the first time ever, and I have depression, so I knew having an animal would help me. Fiona was the first dog I met. Her size was perfect and her description made her sound pretty chill. She was absolutely terrified the entire time I met her, and she was so skinny. I cried to my mom because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take her because we weren’t connecting, but I didn’t want to leave her. She needed love. Then someone scared her and she scooted next to me to protect her, and that’s when I knew I could take her. When I got her, her ribs were showing, she had so many scabs and scars and little patches of fur missing, and she was so scared.

Now she’s filled out completely and is such a gorgeous dog. She is my partner in crime and loves going to the dog park. She loves other dogs so much! She is super goofy and loves to wake me up by climbing all over me. I’m her human, and she’s my dog. She doesn’t like other people too much unless I’m there. She needed me and I needed her. We really saved each other.

Nashville, TN

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