25 “Beware Of Dog” Signs That Aren’t Fooling Anyone

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There are plenty of good reasons for owners to place a “beware of dog” sign in their yards or on their fences.

Some dogs don’t do well around people they don’t know, while others might be trained to protect their property from strangers. Whatever the reason, this signage exists to warn people to keep their distance. It isn’t always easy to tell the difference between a friendly and aggressive canine — though we all know which category these sweethearts belong to.

Fear not, because the only thing you should beware of around these 22 pups is being licked to death.

1. Beware of snuggles.

2. “This gorgeous girl lives in my neighbor’s front yard with a huge ‘beware of dog’ sign. The only thing I have to beware of is spending hours petting her!”

3. “I don’t think our sign is fooling anyone.”

4. “I think I’ll take my chances.”

5. If this face doesn’t send chills down your spine, nothing will.

6. Beware? More like pick up and never put down!

7. Clearly, she’s the stuff of nightmares.

8. Watch out for this precious doofus and his terrifying minions.

9. That’s totally a fierce snarl and definitely not a happy grin.

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10. “He was a feisty one! Undid my shoelaces a few times.”

11. Get any closer and you’ll be smothered with love.

12. “My neighbor’s ‘guard dog.’”

13. “Beware the cheeky boy and his toys of menace!”

14. “Beware of this snuggle monster, she might love you to death.”

15. He may be tiny, but he’s mighty.

16. Again, don’t let the size fool you…

17. The resemblance here is uncanny, don’t you think?

18. “Mom put this sign on our gate, dad said it’s false advertising. Look at me, would I not put fear in the heart of anyone who tried to enter?”

19. Much scary. Very floof.

20. Run or be savagely attacked with kisses!

21. Under no circumstances should you allow your children anywhere near this fearsome beast!

22. …Because the cuteness is overpowering.

23. These cuties are just as confused as we are.

24. Beware of dog — will demand belly rubs.

25. Those eyes just scream ferocious…

Yikes! We definitely wouldn’t want to mess with these cuties! All jokes aside, there clearly isn’t an aggressive bone in any of their bodies — just happiness, sweetness, and the desire to love.

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