IKEA Makes Downloadable Plans So You Can Build A Stylish DIY Beehive

Did you realize that May 20 was World Bee Day? It seems as if IKEA got together with Space 10 and they joined forces with Tanita Klein, an industrial designer, and a design company, Bakken & Bæck. The results? They wanted to help people to design their own bee homes. In doing so, they were providing a place for these solitary bees to hang out and to help the flowering plants of the world to keep growing.

“Solitary bees are great pollinators: a single solitary bee could provide as much pollination as 120 honeybees,” the Bee Home project page reads. “With nearly 90 percent of the world’s flowering plants depending on pollination-including a third of the world’s food supply-solitary bees are vital for life on planet Earth.”

Hundreds of solitary bees can be housed in each of the homes. Those bees are harmless and it is rare for them to sting. When you design such a home, you are helping the species to survive and you are helping the human race to survive as well.

In order to get started, head over to the Bee Home website. You can there choose a particular style that you would like to start building.

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The design files can be downloaded and you can put out a marker space so that your new bee home will get a good start. After you put it together and put it on your property, the native wildflowers will get a boost from the buzzing of activity.

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