“I Hope He Remembers Me…”

Ikar the Czech Shepherd and U.S. Army Specialist Vance McFarland were quite the team when they served in Afghanistan in 2012. Ikar, a Tactical Explosive Detection Dog (TEDD), and McFarland worked together to find roadside bombs. When McFarland’s tour ended in September of 2012, they were separated when Ikar was transferred to another handler and sent back to Afghanistan for another tour. 


After Ikar’s second tour ended, he arrived back in the U.S. with ten other TEDD dogs. They were adopted by a private contract company and then they were sent to a kennel in Virginia, where they were abandoned. The dogs were initially supposed to stay at the kennel for about five weeks, but that didn’t end up being the case. The company that had adopted the dogs lied to the kennel owner, and refused to pay him for their board. Greg Meredith ended up spending $150,000 of his own money to care for these hero dogs. After seventeen months, the dogs were turned over to the Mission K9 Rescue of Houston, Texas in perfect health thanks to Meredith’s care.

Mission K9 Rescue used social media to try to track down the original handlers of these dogs with the hopes that they would be interested in adopting them. This was the opportunity McFarland had been waiting for. He immediately got in touch with the rescue and they arranged to reunite the two for good. “He is going to live the rest of his retired life spoiled. Really spoiled,” said McFarland.

See their adorable reunion in this video!

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