A Short Film That Will Stay With Me Forever, Because a Dog is Never Just a Dog

“Until one has loved a dog, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France

A dog isn’t just a dog. A dog is an intricate part of us and our family for as long as she lives (and then she still stays with us for as long as we live). A dog isn’t just a best friend like the saying goes, she’s also an extension of what we are. Our lives are just better with a dog and I can’t imagine my life without one.

In this simple yet poignant film, a dog is rescued and then lives her life as a dog should: as an intimate confidant to an ever changing life. Her human, with his favorite dog by his side, goes from singlehood to husbandhood and then to parenthood. All stages are complete with a dog, his dog, at his side.

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A dog is there through the good times, the bad times and the in between times. And then when it’s “her time,” she wishes she had the words to say what she has in her heart: “Thank you for every single thing you’ve done, thank you for rescuing me, thank you for making me a family member, thank you for being with me always.”

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As a dog lover, you will totally get this short film. It will touch your dog loving heart like nothing I’ve ever seen. Our lives are almost more complete because our dog was in it. She was there to share it all! And we are so much better for it!

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And then when it is time to let her go, we are saddened but there is also a pang of happiness because we know as awful as this loss will be, our lives wouldn’t have been as full if she wasn’t there to share it with us. This furry, big-eyed, slobbering affirmation that we have truly lived, is worth the pain of letting her go.

Because this truth is simple: a dog is never just a dog. A dog is an extension of us.

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