Comedian Does Impressions Of How Different Dog Breeds Would Act If They Were Humans

There are many different dog breeds. And each one has its own unique set of traits and personality quirks. We will often choose a pet based on what we know about how these breeds behave. And these different breeds will often amuse us with their own peculiarities.


If dog breeds were people

♬ original sound – jonny devaney

But what if these dog breeds were to somehow manifest into people? How would their different traits and mannerisms translate? Well, based on what we know certain dog breeds to be like, performer Jonny Devaney came up with a few hilarious skits to show what life might be like if some dog breeds were people.


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♬ original sound – jonny devaney

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And we cannot stop laughing at the video series. Some of the breeds that he highlights in his TikTok videos are dogs such as the Pit Bull, Poodle, Corgi, Bernese Mountain dog, Doberman, German shepherd, English Mastiff, and Samoyed.


If dog breeds were people part 3!

♬ original sound – jonny devaney

What do you think of his impersonations? Are they spot on? Would your dog act like this as a person? Let us know!

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