Identifying Pet Pain

As humans, we have a particular advantage when it comes to being in pain: We're able to express our issue verbally. Regrettably, our pets don't have the ability to let us know when they're hurting, so it's important that we, as pet owners, educate ourselves on what sort of signs and symptoms are worrisome.

Becauseour four-legged friends cannot communicate with us vocally, one of our best options as caretakers is to keep a keen eye out for behavioral changes.For example, an animal who is typically friendly and outgoing who unexpectedly begins behaving reclusively or aggressively may be suffering from pain.

Loss of appetite or energy is another strong indication of a problem. Also, if you have multiple pets, they may serve as your best indication of pain in one. Expertsnote that it is common for one pet to mimic other pets' symptoms in a sort of sympathy pain. If thissymptom presents itself, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

Be preemptive about your pet's health issues. Schedule regular checkups for your pet, just as you would for yourself. Even if your pet appears to be happy and in good health, ensure that you bring himto the veterinarian regularly to identify any underlying conditions.

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