“I Hear You, But I’m Not Listening”

IgnoreIf you find yourself talking to your cat and it just doesn’t seem like they’re listening, well guess what, they do hear you but are ignoring you on purpose. Just like kids and teens, researchers have discovered that cats do understand what we’re saying but choose to not care what we have to say.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo studied 20 cats for eight months as they responded to five audio recordings of five people calling each of their names. Five of the four were voices of strangers while the other was of the cat’s owner.

What they found out was that 50 to 70 percent of the cats responded to the voices by moving their heads, while 30 percent chose to move their ears, tail or meow, and a few just chose not to respond at all. However, when the cat’s heard the voice of their owner’s, researchers noticed they had a stronger response, proving they could differentiate the voices, but it wasn’t a strong enough response to make them actually move.

What Japanese researchers now believe is that the basis of our cat’s attitude is related to how each animal has been domesticated.

“Historically speaking, cats, unlike dogs, have not been domesticated to obey human orders,” referenced Pawnation from Atsuko Saito and Kazutaka Shinozuka’s study. “Rather, they seem to take the initiative in human-cat interaction.”

Researchers also added that despite the fact that our cats may seem to be more aloof than our attention-loving dogs, the attachment that both pet owners have with their four-legged friends are still comparable.

Tough love from out cats is better than no love at all.

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