Firefighters Rescue Drowning Husky From A Frozen River

It was a very lucky break for a Husky who had found himself trapped in freezing water.

The poor dog had fallen into an icy river in Michigan and had become stuck, nearing the verge of death. Fortunately, the local fire department turned up to his rescue.

The entire rescue effort was captured on camera. It was quite moving to watch, especially since it was such a close call for the pooch.

Photo: Facebook/Alpena City Firefighters L623

In fact, the video, which the Alpena City Firefighters shared on Facebook, had the caption, “Just before he got to the dog, it gave out a crying type howl and as soon as he grabbed it, it went completely limp from exhaustion.”

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That definitely gives you a perfect example of just how cold and near-death the poor Husky really was.

Photo: Facebook/Alpena City Firefighters L623

Once saved, the Husky looked extremely grateful and relaxed to be out of the water and back on the safety of land.

But the firefighters weren’t done with him yet. As soon as they got the canine back to shore, they immediately started drying him off and helping him to get warm again.

Photo: Facebook/Alpena City Firefighters L623

This little Husky was quite fortunate to have been saved in the nick of time. Hopefully, he won’t be venturing out onto thin ice again.

Watch the video below:

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