Husky And Owner Sing Duet Of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

Dogs are some of the best company that we can ask for. But apparently, they make pretty good karaoke partners as well.

We know that there are some dogs out there that have a pretty deep appreciation of music. We’ve seen the videos of dogs who are inspired to howl along to certain songs that they seem to like.

For one dog owner, Megan Vaughan, her pooch’s love for “Sweet Child O’ Mine” means that the two of them can sing along together to it.

Photo: Pixabay

As Megan explains to the camera, Cash loves to sit on the steps beside his owner and howl along while she sings a cover.

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She even asks her adorable pup, “What should we cover next?”

Photo: YouTube/Megan Vaughan
Photo: YouTube/Megan Vaughan

Of course, it’s got to be “Sweet Child O’ Mine”! We love the enthusiasm.

Photo: YouTube/Megan Vaughan

Their performance is too sweet! Cash’s howls go along perfectly to the tune.

Watch Cash’s performance with his owner down below:

What do you think of the duet? Do you ever do something similar with your pets? Let us know!

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